Johniarty AU: The Fall (Divergent Part 2)

He was only met with laboured breathing. “Jim? Please, you said a, a stairwell? Which one? Hang on, I’m coming—”

John kicked in the door and hurried through the building, calling Jim’s name. When he finally found him, bleeding and struggling to remain conscious, John lifted him in his arms and carried him to the kerb.

"You’re going to be alright, I’ve got you… Just stay with me, hang on, Jim…"



Johniarty AU: The Fall (divergent)

He fucked up. He fucked up, and now he’s bleeding. He was supposed to die, it was supposed to end… but he ruined it. Selfish bastard, what about John? Would you really leave him to mourn for a few minutes of relief? Hidden in the stairwell, his skull throbbing with agony, his backup mobile buzzes. 


Where are you, Is everything ok? - JW 

No, nothing is okay, but it could be. With John there… just maybe, it wouldn’t hurt so badly. Just maybe he could find the words to apologize for this, for almost abandoning him.

Bart’s. Stairwell. Help me. -JM xxx


Johniarty AU: "Daddy's back, Johnny."

He’s a ghost from the past. Jim Moriarty, standing right there above him, smiling as if John’s all he’s been able to think about in his time a way. And, honestly, he is. Jim leans down and grips his jacket, desperate to feel him after two years away. The urge to kiss him, to claim him, is almost overwhelming.

 ”It’s alright. It’s me, it’s… It’s me, Johnny. Daddy’s back.”


Yes. I also love moriarty & John pair :D


Johniarty Fargo AU

Johnny’s coming into his own, and Jim’s so proud of him… To celebrate, Daddy offers his bad little boy a sweet treat. 


{{I know I skipped some scenes but I was too excited to make this}}


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John is not a morning person.


Sinnermen [x]

Johniarty AU: Jim Moriarty and John Watson are far more than they appear to be. Both cold killers, crack shots, and damn good liars, they begin to wreak havoc in London.

Bonus: Smirks.