Sketches I did in class

Things That Start With M

Author: Tazia101

Rating: Mature

Pairings: Jim Moriarty/John Watson

Summary: John is lost in the monotony of mundane life, visiting Sherlock’s grave every week. Imagine his surprise when he meets someone there… A dark-haired genius who’s supposed to be dead. Oh no, it’s not who you’re thinking. Don’t be OBVIOUS, nothing is as it seems, and madness is like gravity… Like falling down a rabbit hole. Post-Reichenbach AU.

Review: This magnificent little gem almost slipped right past my radar, and had it not been for a diligent reader pointing me toward it I might never have found it. I’m always a sucker for post-Reichenbach stories, even after Series 3, and this one is one of the greatest I’ve ever read.

The relationship in this story is so perfectly characterized that chapters left me sobbing and terrified for the boys I love so much. Jim was adorable and sometimes terrifying, and his famously changeable moods are handled with brilliance. John’s growth from grudging accomplice to partner is heartwarming (given the dark material), and the end of the core story is so perfect that it left me smiling for days.

Once the main body ends, Tazia was kind enough to add more Johniarty chapters for the readers who were eager to watch their relationship develop further, and they are sexy, and fluffy, and domestic, and everything I love in stories. 

Do yourself a favor and sit down with Things That Start With M, especially if you like parentlock scenarios, action, fluff, and extremely in-character Jims and Johns.

Read it here.


How A Star Falls [x]

For his seventeenth birthday, John Watson receives the ultimate gift: a ticket and backstage pass to see his idol - Jim Moriarty - live in concert. Although he’s fantasized about meeting him for ages, he never once imagined what would actually come to pass… or the consequences that follow.


Johniarty V

My first attempt at the Greaser AU. Jim makes a perfect Greaser, his hair is already slicked back 😁


I just decided that I want to draw sketches with more effort.


this inspiration is not going to last long


Jim and John on sherlock’s chair! Who’s the top? 8D

sorry I didn’t finish this silly sketch yesterday hon QwQ

for Consultingbee


"By the way you are looking GREAT for a guy who hit the pavement!”


Yeah okay so I made a comic while I was supposed to be working.

Made as a gift for my Jim!


I just realised I should definitely train to draw hands X_X and… eyes.

and everything.



I was dreaming about a cute greaser johniarty, but I couldn’t find something like that.

Really… There should be more of it.

It’s based on this: http://carula19.deviantart.com/art/Base-Hug-Yaoi-172355736