Johniarty III

So awhile ago my boyfriend informed me that a female cat is called a Queen, … they are honestly called Queens! As if cat’s didn’t look down on us enough now we’re going to address them as royalty!

So naturally the first thing I thought of was Jim “you should see me in a crown” Moriarty trying to get John to be his queen.  And of course he’s not going to let the small things like gender and biology stop him. 😉

Super late Secret Santa pic for deviousnotions. Sorry there’s no background, my drawing mojo decided it wanted to hibernate for the winter.

Secret Santa Masterpost

BloodSoakedLeather wrote Seduced By Life for At-Kilis-Service.

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Daireann drew this for ChosenOfAshurha.

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TrifleOfTheMind wrote The Last Time You See Me for Half-Open.

The Last Time You See Me


Rating: Not Rated

Pairings: Jim Moriarty/John Watson

Summary: Sherlock Holmes is resurfacing in London after dismantling the entirety of Moriarty’s web. John Watson knows that he is the next, and last, target of the consulting detective.

Review: Do you like feel-good stories that leave you with fluffy tingles at the end?  If so, stay FAR FAR AWAY from this brilliantly angsty fic.  Honestly, I feel like my heart’s been ripped out before my eyes.  But the pain is a beautiful one that came through the intricacies of the writing, the implications there, and the divergence from the canon story.  John’s pain is palpable, and his descent is incredibly compelling.  Honestly, I don’t understand why this doesn’t have more comments and kudos.

Read it here.


errrr jim/john….. i remember it starting out as something good and serious but then john looks so friggin mAD i cant take it seriously while listening to it’s raining men

prompt 4/5

Eat You Up


Rating: Teen

Pairings: Jim Moriarty/John Watson

Summary: Jim meets a flirtatious blonde with the most delicious smelling blood in a club on Halloween night, then loses him again. Twenty years later, he finds out that the man he’s been obsessed with is really John Watson, best friend and flatmate to none other than Sherlock Holmes. And this time, Jim isn’t going to lose him.

Review: And following my theme of fanfiction that I am entirely out of season for is this lovely fic.  Let me just get this out there now: go open it, read it, enjoy it, reread it, and then realize that - as brilliantly described as it was - that the sexual tension is so great that you don’t need a full-on smut scene to feel like they’ve had their fun.  Seriously, though, this is brilliantly written with good tension and a nice stream of consciousness from Jim’s point of view, something that I find refreshing in Johniarty stories.  So if you love vampires, sexual tension, and a possessive, dark Jim Moriarty, this fic is screaming your name right now!

Read it here.


"Aren’t ordinary people adorable? Well you know. You’ve got John.”

I Got You Something


Rating: Teen

Pairings: Jim Moriarty/John Watson

Summary: Jim and John spend their first Christmas together.

Review: I know this is a bit late for Christmas fics.  My apologies.  But for those of you still buried in snow, make a cup of hot cocoa and tea, and sit down with this quick one-shot in order to warm up a bit!  It’s far fluffier than I was expecting, and I sat here with a huge grin on my face by the end of it.  That being said, though, it also has the conflicting angst atmosphere as well, creating an altogether different ambience.

Read it here.


Gonna let me out, Johnny?


"In all of your meticulous planning - in all of your calculations - you never once thought that I might find out the truth?"

Complimentary to this piece.


Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Let me whisper in your ear, say the words you long to hear. I love you.

John dreams of Jim more frequently as time passes.