Johniarty AU: John Makes A Deal

When Harriet is gravely injured in a car accident, John turns to the only man who can help him cover her hospital bills: Jim Moriarty.

Dialogue by thedynamicasteroid and I.


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      Back From The Dead: A Johniarty Fanmix
For a man in love with a monster
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:: My Boyfriend’s Back // Corpse Grindin’ Man // When Love And Death Embrace // Toxic // The Man Who Lived Twice // Head Like A Hole // Necromancer // Blink // Happily Ever Cadaver // Rabbiteen // Dead Is The New Alive // Bleeding Out // Like You ::

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Johniarty AU: MobScene

The Spider. A new face in the criminal underworld, small-time boss creeping in the shadows. No one’s seen his face, no one’s spoken to him directly, but everyone feels his presence— none more so than ‘Doctor’ John Watson, cold leader of his own organization. They’ve been dancing circles around each other for months. The Spider clearly wants his attention, and he’ll do anything to get it.

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Johniarty AU: The Psychiatrist

Jim Moriarty is absolutely fascinating. He showed up out of the blue last week, slammed ten thousand quid on my desk, and told me to clear my appointments. A self-proclaimed Consulting Criminal, he apparently just needed someone to talk to. Someone he could pay to trust. I think I’ll give him his money back; he needs me. God, he needs my help, and I don’t feel right taking this from him. -JHW, PhD

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trust is like a mirror
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Johniarty AU: The Pub

John Watson, an ex-military doctor currently employed as a surgeon at Saint Bartholemew’s, meets a young Jim Moriarty at a seedy pub after a late shift one night.

A gorgeous young man in his early twenties, John can’t help but stare— and Jim stares right back, reading John’s history in everything from his posture to the state of his hands. John could prove useful in funding his enterprise…

But for both men, one drunken night exploring the other isn’t enough, and despite their very different moral codes they find themselves falling farther into love.


Now! Part II of my Johniarty photo-comic!

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Johniarty IX

More Naga!Jim and Lop!John

Sorry if this squicks anyone, but snakes actually do have two penises, so theoretically a male naga would also have two penises since they are snakes from the waist down (yes, I attempted to apply logic to a mythical creature).

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