Johniarty: A Lover's Quarrel

After his return, Jim Moriarty expects a warm welcome from the doctor he left behind to grieve. Of course, John Watson wouldn’t be the man he loved if he didn’t stand by his beliefs - and just then, John believes Jim can find his own bloody place to stay until he’s ready to talk. At least he loves him enough to soften the blow.

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Forewarning, it’s naughty. Omega verse NSFW. It’s the most NSFW thing that I’ve drawn… People who know me in real life, please don’t look at this.

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Johniarty XI

It is complete.



Jim enlists John in helping him demonstrate the dangers of depression. [x]

((I’m apparently on a huge The Office US crossover crack fest kick))



Jim’s impersonation doesn’t go over too well with John. [x]


I mean it

John/Moriarty (as requested by bitnotgood)
→ Sia - Breathe Me
"Ouch, I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
I’ve lost myself again and I feel unsafe”


finished my first commission!! someone asked for moriarty being jealous of john playing with a kitten :3


Because if we are all made of stardust,
You shined the brightest.
But I never had a chance - not in the slightest.
Because someone like me could never hope to catch your attention.
I’m sorry for my misapprehension.
The fault is in our stars.
We the star-crossed lovers.

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Johniarty X

It was true. John was sizeable for his age and short stature. Hearing it from other partners was one thing.  It brought a confident smirk to his lips and a small rush of pleasure to his heart. Hearing it from the lips of Jim, whom he’d fantasized about for years, was something else entirely. John felt his cheeks colour at the compliment. “Thank you,” he moaned, fighting to keep his eyes open as Jim’s tongue licked along his skin. “I’m glad you find me… pleasing.”’            -How A Star Falls, Chapter 1

Request for chosenofashurha. They asked for Rockstar!Jim and Groupie!John. Inspired by their story How A Star Falls (co-written by lunavere)

This took me forever to color. Mostly because I wasn’t happy on how the leather pants looked.