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Johniarty Collage


Johniarty crossover AU thing with Nightmare House 2. If you haven’t played or seen the game this must be confusing for you…sorry bout that. Here watch PewDiePie play it here its a really good game and I recommend watching it~ John is the man you play as, Jim is the man telling you to find him throw out the game and Sherlock is the dead ghost of the women contently appearing and seeming to want to stop your progress.  


Johniarty AU:

Ever since he watched James Moriarty poison Carl Powers’ shoes, John Watson has been there to protect him. As the boys grow closer- and older- their criminal activities get worse. Petty theft and vandalism lead to larceny and murder, and they develop a taste for watching the light leave the eyes of their victims. They leave a trail of bodies in their wake as they travel from London to Dublin, heading to James’ homeland with thoughts of freedom in their heads.


Jim and John from BBC Sherlock. Just some cuddly cats~. 

Someone to Notice


Rating: Explicit

Pairings: Jim Moriarty/John Watson

Summary: While training to be a secondary school teacher (and pursuing some rather illegal activities outside of the classroom), Jim Moriarty takes a keen interest in shy, bullied teenager John Watson.

Review: Most of you all should have known that this review was coming.  Honestly, I’m still in awe of the beauty of this fic.  Despite the fact that it’s an alternate universe, the author remained brilliantly true to the characters.  John remains beautifully scarred and yet with a spark of that stubbornness and bravery that we have all come to known and love in the BBC’s adaptation.  Jim himself is wonderfully manipulative and yet gets caught in a slow-burn romance that he never saw coming.  Honestly, one of my favourite fics.

Read it here.


You're in my way, Mycroft.

John Watson will stop at nothing to find his lover and partner, Jim Moriarty, when the elder Holmes takes him captive.

A Dark!John gifset requested by Blue-angels-and-zen-cops. I hope it’s alright!


Upgrade and Question

I’ve recently upgraded the kinkmeme prompts (all ten of them, I know!) page, and this is a lovely reminder that we have a kinkmeme!

Also, we have been updating every Wednesday and Saturday at 12:00 and 4:00 (although lately I’ve done 2:00 as well), but I was wondering if you all would prefer to keep the schedule like that or have one post four to six times a week?